Sunday Sales Blast 9/13/20


Is it time to start a new business,  or offer new services to your current one?

The current economic downturn provides an opportunity for new start-ups to emerge and capitalize on the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to data compiled by ad-tech company Taboola, home improvement, gaming and pet products, among others, have all seen a surge in interest while most of the economy falters.

Recessions, while always difficult to navigate, have fostered some of the most impressive companies in history. The Great Depression brought us GE, Disney, and HP, who all benefited from marketing while their rivals cut back. The Great Recession brought us companies that ushered us into the digital age and opened up the gig economy—Airbnb, Credit Karma, Uber, Slack, Venmo and Square.

Home improvement: 140% growth in consumer interest 
Pet products: 50% growth in consumer interest
Home beauty products: 36% growth in consumer interest
Fitness and Health: 2,000,000% growth in consumer interest

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Watch this weeks Covid video update to get the news on dwell time changes, additional concentrate disinfectants added to supply chain, and much more.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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