Sunday Sales Blast 9/20/20


What the Presidential Campaign Can Teach Us About Sales and Marketing

Politicians must do more than serve. They also have to sell. They’ve got to get the job before they can do it. Then they have to keep it. Right now, President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden are actively selling themselves. Their campaigns are using powerful persuasion tactics designed to earn more votes. You can use these same tactics to earn more customers.

In his treatise entitled Rhetoric written around 350 BC, Aristotle described three modes of persuasion. Each of these modes is still deliberately used today by marketing experts, public speakers and political candidates to win over the public.

The first mode is called “logos,” or logic. It’s using data, reason and facts to seek agreement on your perspective.

Of course, this information is only effective to the extent the public believes it, which leads us to the second mode of persuasion, “ethos.” Ethos translates to ethics, but what Aristotle really meant was credibility. That means explaining why you’re the expert or authority on the topic. Here the argument is less about the message and more about the messenger.

The third and most powerful mode of persuasion in an election and in business is “pathos,” or feelings. It means tapping into people’s emotions. If we can get them to feel something, we can get them to do something.

Combining these three modes of persuasion will empower you as a business leader. It’ll maximize your appeal to consumers. It’ll give you direction when designing marketing campaigns. It’ll also allow you to sell more effectively.

Watch this weeks Covid video update. In this week’s show, we go long and geeky with discussions about disinfectant toxicity, fact or fiction? PPMs? What does that mean? Why does it matter? Microbial Soil loads, hard water tolerances, cotton and cellulose and their effect on efficacy and much more.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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