SSB 2/11/24: How To Create A Products Promotion Like Super Bowl Ad


What can you learn from a $7M  Super Bowl ad?

Creating a promotion like a Super Bowl ad requires a mix of creativity, strategic messaging, and an understanding of your audience. By focusing on storytelling, emotional connection, and high production values, you can create a compelling pitch that captures the spirit of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials.

1. Understand Your Audience
Demographics and Preferences: Know who your target audience is. Super Bowl ads are designed to appeal to a broad audience but still often target specific demographics with tailored messages.

2. Craft a Compelling Narrative
Storytelling: Use storytelling to engage your audience. A good story can evoke emotions, making your product more memorable. Super Bowl ads often tell a mini-story that leaves a strong impression.

3. Highlight Unique Value Proposition
Clearly articulate what makes your product unique and why it’s a must-have. Super Bowl ads excel at making their products seem indispensable or superior to competitors, often through exaggerated humor or dramatic demonstrations.

4. Make It Shareable
Social Media Friendly: Create your pitch with shareability in mind. Super Bowl ads often go viral, extending their reach far beyond the game itself. Think about elements that make viewers want to share your ad with others.

Might have to try this for the new Multi-Surface Cleaned / Polish we are getting ready to roll out soon.

Jancast # 162 is now up!

In this episode we do a follow-up to our last Jancast’s covering electrostatic sprayers. We had a great response to those shows based on the downloads and feedback you have sent. That was a deep dive into the technology, why some units (almost all) don’t work, and why some do. If you missed them watch/ listen to #160 & 161, just scroll down.

Mark and I discuss the protocol EPA has established for adding electrostatic use to labels. We also look out into the future with the testing requirements now set for getting approval on a residual disinfectant. During the early days of the pandemic, companies were making false claims about the residual activity of their products when there was not even a process to make such a statement. The big question will be who gets approved first.

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