SSB 1/2/22: Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, let’s hope that is what we get!

Here are some of our top SSB’s from 2021 and the links so you can go check them out. Just scroll down to the month to get access to each one. Thanks for following us in 2021, all new content starting next week.

12/12/21 Salespeople are the infantry of business. The ones who succeed have embraced that it’s a tough job

11/7/21 Now is the time to be ramping up your hiring
How to Find (and Hire) the Right Salesperson

8/29/21 Wisdom from Steve Jobs that still works today
Steve Jobs Summed Up Apple’s Entire Strategy Using Just 6 Bullet Points. Each One Teaches an Amazing Lesson

6/20/21 Why should you know your product or products?
Customers Don’t Care About Your Product’s Bells and Whistles. Here’s What They Really Want to Hear.

5/22/21 What do your customers need in a post covid market?
Yes your customers need products and services now that businesses are opening back up?

3/14/21 Back to business #15- The low-hanging fruit!
We talked to 20 plus distributors last week and one of the things we noted was the lack of use of email campaigns.

2/28/21 Back to business #12- Don’t cut your price
Discounts Call Into Question The Value Of Your Product

1/24/21 Do you know what Extreme Cleanliness® is?

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Jancast # 114 is up!

This is our last episode for 2021 so we cover the usual subjects related to supply chain issues both good and bad. If you want hand sanitizers made by non-FDA approved manufacturers those products can’t be sold after March 2022.  On December 11th, 2021 FDA approved the first Covid-19 vaccine and the first shot was given on December 14th, 2021. It is hard to believe it has been one year since that shot and that we had to survive for almost a year prior to that with anything to protect us but a lot of disinfectants and masks. While we are talking about masks there are new stats out that show a typical sneeze and particles can move at up to 100 mph and travel 27 feet.

We close out with the introduction of the Airx Refresh Antiseptic Mouthwash and wish you and your families a great holiday and hopefully a Covid free 2022.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and stay safe!

PS- We will not be publishing a new SSB until after the holidays. Thanks for subscribing and see you in 2022!

Scott Jarden

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