SSB 12/19/21: Top 10 Changes Your Business Needs to Be Ready for in 2022


Covid-19 has changed the economy dramatically over the past two years. Businesses must adapt to survive a post-pandemic future in 2022. Be prepared.

Top 10 Changes Your Business Needs to Be Ready for in 2022

1. Purpose overrides product features

Companies no longer exist simply to make profits. Leading brands are competing and excelling because they have a clearly defined purpose. According to Deloitte’s 2022 Global Marketing Trends, having a purpose has changed from “aspiration to strategic priority.”

2. Customer knowledge is redefined
The most successful brands understand that their customers are at the center of every decision they make.
To be able to reach customers efficiently and cost effectively, businesses need to understand their customer segments.

6. Digital transformation is everything
If your business has not yet started embracing digital technology, wait no longer. Utilizing technology allows you to understand the touchpoints of your customer journey better. It will also enable you to create truly personalized experiences for your customers.

10. B2B becomes B2C
B2B environments are not immune to those changes.
B2B buyers are now largely part of the digitally native, millennial generation. They no longer expect to do business at trade shows and through product trials.

To grow in 2022, your organization must focus all of its efforts on building an enjoyable, customer-centric experience. This experience needs to be seamless across all touchpoints and marketing channels.

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Jancast # 114 is up!

This is our last episode for 2021 so we cover the usual subjects related to supply chain issues both good and bad. If you want hand sanitizers made by non-FDA approved manufacturers those products can’t be sold after March 2022.  On December 11th, 2021 FDA approved the first Covid-19 vaccine and the first shot was given on December 14th, 2021. It is hard to believe it has been one year since that shot and that we had to survive for almost a year prior to that with anything to protect us but a lot of disinfectants and masks. While we are talking about masks there are new stats out that show a typical sneeze and particles can move at up to 100 mph and travel 27 feet.

We close out with the introduction of the Airx Refresh Antiseptic Mouthwash and wish you and your families a great holiday and hopefully a Covid free 2022.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and stay safe!

PS- We will not be publishing a new SSB until after the holidays. Thanks for subscribing and see you in 2022!

Scott Jarden

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