SSB 12/12/21: Sales people are the infantry of business


Sales people are the infantry of business. The ones who succeed have embraced that it’s a tough job.

Do you have the traits of a top-performing salesperson?

Extraordinary salespeople accept nothing less than being at the top of their game. They know they are the very engine of today’s economy. Sales is not an easy job. It is largely based in potential and there are no guaranteed deals. The work isn’t always enjoyable. However, top-performing salespeople thrive without guarantees. To them, each potential deal is a worthy challenge. To follow are some unique traits which set top performers apart from others.

1. Product knowledge
An exceptional salesperson always starts with knowledge. They are knowledgeable, down to every detail, on the products they sell.

3. Organized
The more organized a salesperson is with customer information, the more notes they take on what products or systems have been sold/installed, where the problems have been, and what issues are still open or have been escalated, the better able they are to keep their customers happy long-term.

4. Hungry
Great salespeople not only nurture the customer accounts they’ve inherited, but they seek and hunger to develop new connections and to find new ways to explore avenues of business with existing customers. They are willing to cold-call. They persist until they get themselves in front of key people to land new accounts.

For all ten, here is the link:

Jancast # 113 is up!
The year is almost over with only two Jancasts left in December. In this episode, we recap the discussion we had in Jancast # 112 about electrostatic sprayers and the feedback we have gotten. We discuss last week’s ISSA show in Las Vegas, GBAC changes, and next year’s show in Chicago.

After that, we get into Omicron, how to say it and what it means. The news is changing rapidly on how bad this variant will be versus the Delta. Studies have found that pets and other animals carry CO-V2 so be careful when you are out hunting or kissing your pets. We close with the news that EPA extends the EVP policy (Emerging Viral Pathogen Program) that we know as the “N” list.

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Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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