SSB 1/21/24: How To Sell Existing Accounts New Products


How to sell existing accounts new products

Selling more products to existing accounts, commonly referred to as increasing the “customer lifetime value,” is a critical strategy for sustainable business growth. Here are several strategies to consider:

Understand Your Customer:
Needs and Preferences: Regularly gather feedback to understand their ongoing needs, challenges, and preferences.
Purchase History: Analyze their purchase history to identify trends and patterns.
Improve Customer Relationship:
Regular Communication: Maintain regular contact through newsletters, updates, and personalized communication.
Exceptional Service: Provide outstanding customer service to address their needs promptly and efficiently.
Cross-Selling and Upselling:
Relevant Recommendations: Use their purchase history and preferences to recommend complementary or premium products.
Bundles and Packages: Create product bundles or packages that offer value and convenience.

Now you can find out why most electrostatic sprayers don’t work.

After the last Jancast (#160), where we talked about electrostatic sprayers, we were contacted by Steve Cooper of ByoPlanet, who has been working with these devices since the 80’s.. We chatted with him and learned a lot, so we decided he would be a great guest for our Jancast audience. Thanks to Steve, we now know why most of the units out there do not work. If you’re looking for products that work with ByoPlanet sprayers, we’ve got you covered.

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