SSB 1/3/21: Welcome to 2021!


I think it is a safe bet that things will be very different in 2021. During the break, I had some time to reflect on 2020 and all that has happened. I found the article below while looking for potential subjects to start the year off. The real interesting thing is Bullen already did a lot of what is covered in 2020.
We thought out of the box because we had to and also we figured we needed to try some different things. Here is a short list-

1. Created a weekly video update on Covid to better inform our customers (35 with thousands of views)
2. Created an allocation system to satisfy as many customers as possible with our limited resources due to supply chain problems.
3. Completed a great hire of Mark Warner to head the sales department. Mark has brought his years of experience back to our team, and being an expert in pathogen control doesn’t hurt with what we are living through.
4. Created a virtual trade show in the new Bullen Broadcast Studio. The week-long virtual show was a great hit with our customers. You can see them all (24 segments) at this link- Bullen’s Virtual Trade Show

How to Build Your 2021 Business Strategy in the Face of Uncertainty

Focus on what you can do
All the rules and regulations have told you what your business can’t do. What you need to do now is look solely at what you can do. For example, when restaurants were told they couldn’t serve customers indoors, they transitioned to delivery, takeout and large outdoor patios. No matter what type of business you operate, this is the mindset to develop and use for your 2021 business strategy.

Provide valuable resources for customers
Focus your business strategy for 2021 on your customers and customer-facing actions, such as adding to the value you deliver to them, and the ways in which those actions assist with your revenue objectives.

For marketing purposes, you also have considerable time and opportunity to plan content and provide access to similar valuable resources that provide information to your customers and prospects. These tactics might not deliver immediate revenue, but it can be effective to engage prospects now so they are ready to buy when things improve.

Develop a multi-plan approach
With uncertainty anticipated to continue in 2021, it’s good to have one or more backup plans for your business. Layout potential contingencies that you may face in the coming year and use this time to craft strategic responses.

For the full article –

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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