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I got a negative test result, now what?

What happened before the results
For reasons I won’t go into now I decided that I needed to get a Covid test. I found out really quickly that it’s not that easy. I’m sure some of the readers have been through my experience but if not I thought it was a good thing to talk about this week.

Find a place to get a test
So once I decided I needed a test I needed to find where to get one. I did what anybody would do, a Google search and found at the CVS pharmacies in my area we’re all doing testing but none of them could get me in for the next three days, and then the results would be four or five days after that. With that timeline, I could just quarantine myself for a week, that was not going to work with Christmas next week.  Fortunately through a tip I was able to go to an urgent care facility, it was first come first serve with no appointments. It was about an hour’s drive but I had the opportunity of getting the test done that same day. Then the waiting began, the facility that did my test said that they would have the results back the next morning, and if it was positive they would call otherwise they would use the email process that would take another day. So fast forward to the next day and I didn’t hear anything till lunchtime and then I get a phone call. I recognize the number based on the area code and dreaded that I was going to get the news that I was positive but luckily they were calling because they were having trouble sending emails and I was negative.

What to do now that I am negative?
So now what do I do now that I have a negative test result that could either could be a false negative or a true negative? Well, I’m not wishing that I got a positive result but what to do next is a lot clearer under those circumstances. I’m fortunate that I have the ability to work from home for the next couple days so despite the negative test results I’m gonna limit my contact with people till this Wednesday to see if there are any symptoms that would suggest an additional test. Obviously, the best scenario would be to be able to take a test whenever you want it but if you have to drive an hour and wait two hours to get the test and also pay the $70 co-pay charge that’s not an easy project. I’ve been reporting on the Covid outbreak since February with weekly videos trying to be as transparent as possible with everything going on at our business. I’ll keep you informed in the future Sunday Sales Blast of how I do moving through the real life aspects of COVID-19.
More tests
Over the last five months, I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about why there is not more testing available and now I know why we need more. If everybody had the ability to do a test quickly and efficiently we would all know who’s got what a lot faster than the way we’ve been doing it during this pandemic.

Speaking of Covid-
Watch this week’s Covid-19 update

We will be taking next weeks SSB off for the holidays, see you next year!

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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