SSB 12/13/20: How surfing helped a new CEO ride the crazy waves of 2020



Surfers are constantly watching the weather in search of far-off storms that might kick up a new swell. The right swell, the beach facing the right direction, and the right contour of the ocean floor combine to produce a great wave.

This applies in the business context as well. We might borrow from something Warren Buffet has said on multiple occasions: “Given the choice between a great market and an OK management team or a great management team and an OK market, I would pick the first.”

When I was first learning to surf, I would paddle around eagerly trying to pick up any wave that came along. As I improved, I learned to spot the better waves and focus on them. If you listen to interviews with competitive surfers, when they talk about the best competitive surfer of all time, Kelly Slater, they frequently talk about wave selection.

As leaders, one of the hard things about picking opportunities is that we have to be willing to let some good ones pass in order to get the great one. We also have to let go of the noise that comes with critics, inside and outside of the company, who will be quick to point out some of the things the company isn’t doing—the waves we didn’t take

I learned very early on that when the waves are big or you are in a new spot, you don’t go out alone.  The same is true in business.  Creating something valuable and durable takes time and the shared dedication of a broad set of people.

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White House pathogen control
Biden Will Disinfect the White House After Trump Moves Out

Prior to Joe Biden’s move into the White House, the presidential residence will receive a much-needed deep cleaning treatment, a spokesperson for the General Services Administration has revealed to Politico. There have been over 40 COVID-19-positive people in President Donald Trump’s circle, raising questions about the dangers that will be lurking when Biden’s team moves in.

Since the coronavirus can stick to surfaces for days, the GSA has said it will deploy a team to “thoroughly clean and disinfect” all the surfaces in the East and West Wings of the White House. The building will also undergo “disinfectant misting services” to clean the air after the Trump team’s departure. (who knows what this means).
Might have to follow on this and post the info on

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Speaking of Covid-
Watch this week’s Covid-19 update


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