SSB 1/8/23: Back to Business in 2023


Before the internet, this is how you learned to sell

Last week I talked about using artificial intelligence to improve your sales skills. This week I went back to 1985 and pulled out my master salesmanship binder, and covered the same subject that we used ChatGBT to research prospecting last week.

Ways to find better prospects

Your ability to earn top level income is directly proportional to the size and quality of your prospect list.  In short, you are only as good as your prospects. To keep moving ahead as professional salesperson, you have to replenish your supply of prospects continually. Here are a few ways to help you get started:

Think of your present customer as prospects. Repeat orders are expected from regular customers, but consider them as prospects for whatever they are not buying from you now.

Look for prospects who resemble present customers Once you land a customer in a particular field concentrate on prospects in the same field.  Your present customers serves as proof that the same solutions will work as well for similar prospects.

Keep alert for leads: Develop a mental attitude toward finding leads from every source. Ask
questions, then listen carefully, take notes. Talk with others who work with the kind of prospects you need, like other salespeople, service people, friends ·and other employees. Look for signs of new businesses in your territory.
Credit: 1985 Master Salesmanship

Jancast #138 is now up-

In the first Jancast episode of 2023 Mark and I do a recap on last year, our guest list, and the hot topics that we covered.

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