SSB 2/27/22: Back to Business # 10, let’s take the masks off!


Masks Off
It is cleaning time!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eased mask recommendations for the vast majority of the country Friday under a new framework to monitor the coronavirus that immediately affects about 70 percent of Americans — a process that state and local officials had already begun amid demands for a return to normalcy. 

                                   It is carpet cleaning time!
It is trash clean-up time!
It is germ-killing time!

Now that we see the mask notice from CDC we think things are really going to change for most businesses and probably fast. We have heard from our distributor customers the most important thing their salespeople need is training and the same for the end-users. If you want to schedule a sales meeting for your people let us know- to book yours email us at, time slots are filling up.

Recent fieldwork by our team has shown that end-user accounts installed a huge amount of LVT and LVP (luxury vinyl tile and plank) and they have no idea how to maintain it. One Up Extends is a full program for protecting and maintaining these types of floors.  Here is the link for all of the info – One Up Extends

Jancast # 118 is up!

We are back after a two-week break and how things have changed in a short period of time. Two years ago, almost to this day, the whole Covid thing got started. We talk about all that has happened since and where we are now. We talk about the reasoning for Bullen dropping its masking requirement for its employees and new protocols. In our county, 95% of the residents eligible for a vaccine have gotten at least one shot and covid cases have dramatically dropped off. We also talk about a very misleading article about CADs (Continuously Active Disinfectants) that implied a certain product has residual activity against C. diff that does not show on its label. This is a clear violation of EPA rules and is very confusing to the public since it was published in a major association trade magazine. Hear about that and what NOT to do the next time you are in a pool.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe! 

Scott Jarden


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