SSB 3/21/21: Back To Business #15- The Low Hanging Fruit


Back to business #15- The low hanging fruit!

We talked to 20 plus distributors last week and one of the things we noted was the lack of use of email campaigns.

Last we held five sessions with over 20 non-competing distributors from around the country. We call those meetings, distributor councils (in this case “virtual”). It was great to get people together to learn from each other, hear their feedback, and tell you about the new initiatives that Bullen is working on. One of the low-hanging fruit we identified was the lack of email marketing. That could cover solicitations to place orders, tell customers about new services or products, or much more. Roughly 35% of the distributors surveyed do not use any form of email marketing.

We have been operating in remote mode for over a year, which means little if any face to face meetings. We have had quite a few zoom meetings in the last year so why not supplement that with a regular email campaign as we do with the Sunday Sales Blast (since 1998)?

Do you need help, we can offer you templates, advice on which platform to use, and much more? Just drop us an email at

Jancast # 90
In this week’s show, we focus on “Extreme Cleanlinesss®” and what that means, how if figures in the post covid era we seem to be moving into. The public is now more aware of what they think is clean and safe versus a year ago. That means as a business or places the public would go to as things open an educated public is going to expect a lot more than hand sanitizer at the door. In this week’s Jancast we give you an idea of what is required to achieve “Extreme Cleanlinesss®”.

Happy second day of Spring!

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden


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