SSB 3/28/21: Allocations Are Back! But You Have Alternatives!


Allocations are back! But you have alternatives!

More supply chain issues.

Bullen has tried over the last year with the Covid supply chain issue to be as transparent as possible with our supply and what was coming for orders of disinfectants. We now find that as a result of Texas’s freezing conditions some basic chemical manufacturing plants were shut down, and their facilities were damaged. We are seeing drastic cutbacks in the availability of key ingredients in conventional polymer floor finishes and floor finish strippers. The supply issue with strippers is related to certain solvents that are also used in other products.

There are alternatives to stripping and recoating floors

What does this mean to Bullen customers? We are actively working on locating additional sources and using our previous purchase history to obtain as much raw material as possible. We should be able to handle most of the business we have supplied our customers in the past. What we do not need is panic buying or hoarding. Unlike what we went through with quats and disinfectants, there are alternatives to stripping and recoating. You can talk to your sales associate about the plentiful optional products to maintain your customer’s floors during this shortage.

Jancast # 91

In this week’s show, we discuss the new supply chain issues caused by the freezing weather covered at the start of this email. The good news is there are alternatives are instead of strip and re-coats.

Don’t forget National Cleaning Week starts today.

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden


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