SSB 6/4/23: Post Covid sales tips #2


How to sell in post-COVID times #2

As we steadily transition into the post-COVID era, the selling landscape has changed dramatically. Businesses across sectors are grappling with the challenge of adapting to this new, transformed world of commerce. Here are some key strategies to help you recalibrate your sales efforts in these changed times.

Digital Skills Upgrade
Ensure your sales team is equipped with the necessary skills to sell in a post-COVID world. This includes proficiency in digital tools, understanding and handling remote sales, and maintaining virtual relationships. Furthermore, honing skills like empathy, active listening, and problem-solving can enhance their ability to understand and address customer needs better.

Prioritize Customer Experience
With the digital transformation, customers are now more informed and discerning than ever. Therefore, businesses must invest in understanding their customers better and deliver personalized experiences that meet their evolving expectations. A seamless digital journey, empathetic communication, and efficient customer service can help enhance customer satisfaction and foster loyalty.

Develop Virtual Selling Skills
Virtual selling skills have become a necessity rather than an option. Sales professionals need to master the art of building relationships, engaging customers, and closing deals in a virtual environment. This includes being comfortable with video conferencing tools, understanding digital body language, and providing value-added content that convinces customers to make a purchase.

Jancast #147 is up!
Now that COVID is over (according to the WHO), Bullen and its research and development team have been working to formulate the next big thing in odor control that will be needed.

With cannabis being legal in 38 states, there are more issues with the odors associated with that, food odors, and others that need something other than masking space sprays.

This BPP (blatant product plug) discusses the science behind our new hit product RX-420, Fragrance-Free Smoke and Odor Eliminator. Watch or Listen to Jancast #147 to get caught up on this new formula and how it can help end users handle these problematic odors.


Scott Jarden

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