SSB 6/11/23: Post Covid sales tips #3


How to sell in post-COVID times #3

Cold Calling 101

Cold calling in the post-COVID era requires a thoughtful, personalized, and empathetic approach. By taking the time to understand the businesses you’re calling and adapting your approach to fit their needs, you can increase your chances of success.

Even in a post-COVID world, some of the traditional cold calling techniques still apply, but they need to be tweaked to fit the changes in business and customer behavior. Here are some steps you might consider

Research: Before making any calls, do your research about the business you’re calling, the industry it’s in, and the person you’re speaking to. This can help you understand their needs, interests, and pain points. Understand how COVID-19 impacted their industry and what new challenges they might be facing.

Develop a value proposition: How can your product or service help the business you’re calling? Can it increase their efficiency? Save them money? Help them attract more customers? Develop a clear, concise value proposition that you can present during your call

Use a consultative approach: Instead of going for a hard sell, use a consultative approach. Ask questions about their business, listen to their answers, and discuss how your product or service could be a solution for them.

Jancast #147 is up!
Now that COVID is over (according to the WHO), Bullen and its research and development team have been working to formulate the next big thing in odor control that will be needed.

With cannabis being legal in 38 states, there are more issues with the odors associated with that, food odors, and others that need something other than masking space sprays.

This BPP (blatant product plug) discusses the science behind our new hit product RX-420, Fragrance-Free Smoke and Odor Eliminator. Watch or Listen to Jancast #147 to get caught up on this new formula and how it can help end users handle these problematic odors.


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