SSB 7/10/22: More Steps to Defining Your Brand Identity


More Steps to Defining Your Brand Identity

7 Ways to Improve Branding Strategy for your Business

While it’s certainly difficult to determine the most critical ingredients for having a successful business or a company, branding should definitely find itself at the top of everyone’s list.
Developing your brand is something that is an absolute must these days, since 75% of consumers worldwide list brand origin as an essential purchase driver.

For instance, one of the reasons why Coca Cola is so successful isn’t because it’s that much different from Pepsi or Dr Pepper, but because it has chosen to focus on selling a brand, rather than the product itself.

Improve Your Credibility

These days, people are more shopping-savvy than ever, which means that you will have a much higher chance of turning them into customers if you have been able to establish your company as a brand that inspires authority.

Moreover, while building authority is not something that happens overnight, you can do plenty of things to boost it.

Maintain an Active Presence on Social Media

Regardless of what your business is, it is fair to assume that some or most of your target audience is going to be on social media.

It is up to you to determine which social media platforms they are using.

Even if some platforms might not be the most relevant for your industry, you should still open an account on them, because you want to make sure that nobody else opens an account under the same name as your brand, since they could cause potential harm to your reputation.

For more here is the link-

Bullen has updated their private brand page to help you in the process of creating your own national brand –
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Jancast #126 – Podcasting to a cleaner & healthier world

On this week’s show, we talk with a special guest, Mili Washington, Standards Director with IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). We cover what are standards, who writes them, and why do we even need them? How are they generally used and by whom? Without standards, it is just the wild west and anyone can do whatever they want (and that is not good).

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