SSB 7/17/22: Frank Necela, the King of Zing


Frank Necela, the King of Zing

Frank Necela moved on to work his magic on another level on Tuesday, July the 12th, 2022.

When I transitioned from the plant to sales, I handled Franks’s account when he was Sunrise Supermarket Services. I learned a lot over all of those years from Frank. He and my Dad were very close and enjoyed working together for over 40+ years. There are many stories about all of the crazy ideas that Frank had over the years. A lot of them fell off the wall but quite a few groundbreaking ones stuck (like CPC Burnishing Compound).

Frank was a mentor to many people over the years, including me. When we started doing our podcast Jancast it was not unusual for Frank to call me up after we published the latest show and give me some suggestions on how we could make it better. I admit I did use a lot of his ideas over the years.

Frank was a very special person and will be missed very much by those that knew him. Below is a video I did with Frank in 2018 where he gives a little of his history and discuss his breakthrough product “Only One.
Jancast #88 (Road Edition) – Frank Necela
Click the image below to watch the episode.


Scott Jarden

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