SSB 7/16/23: How to have fun selling again!


Have fun selling again!

Having fun while selling can make the process more enjoyable for you and your potential customers, leading to better results. Here are some suggestions on how to add a touch of fun to your sales efforts:

Enjoy the Process: The first step to having fun while selling is to genuinely enjoy the process. Find joy in meeting new people, solving problems, and helping customers make informed decisions. Positive energy is infectious and can make the sales process more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Gamify the Process: Turn selling into a game. Set up a scoring system for different stages of the sales process, compete with colleagues, or set personal records. This can add an element of playfulness to your work.

Learn Continuously: The more you know about your product and your customers, the more confident you’ll feel in your selling. And with confidence often comes enjoyment. Take time to learn about the industry, the competition, and sales techniques.

Summer Break Show
We all need to take a break and now that we are into summer why not this week?  We serve up a show from April, 2020 in the heat of the pandemic and everyone wanting to buy any disinfectant they can get their hands on. A great show to reflect on where we were at that time and where we are now.



Scott Jarden


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