SSB 8/15/21: Five tips to better email marketing


Five tips to better email marketing (you are reading one now)

If you are currently or thinking about dialing up your email marketing these are some great ideas.

Email is one of the most effective ways for businesses to advertise their services. While many businesses still use direct mail, their budgets might be better spent on email marketing. According to a partnership study conducted by the Data and Marketing Association and United States Postal Service, more than half (57 percent) of mail being sent at the time of the study was still direct mail.

But this strategy, the researchers said, produced a return on investment of just 7 percent. In comparison, email marketing offered an ROI of 28.5 percent. In terms of value, studies have found that email marketing offers businesses $44 for every $1 spent.

1. Avoid certain words.
Spam filters are there to stop malicious emails from reaching audiences. Of course, spammers usually use words that businesses themselves would like to use. So filters are growing more sophisticated, and allowing more genuine content to gain access into inboxes. Still, there are times when your email might be mistaken for something malicious.
Therefore, you need to minimize the use of certain words that are considered spam by these filters. For instance, words like “bargain,” “50 percent off” and similar keywords will likely send your email to the spam folder.

2. Change the times you send your emails.
I tried this tip and will report the stats next week. I usually send the SSB out at 8 AM Sunday morning. Today I decided to try 4 PM.
The aim here is to catch people who are just about to check their inbox or are in the process of doing so. This will put your email close to the top of their inbox. The more time between your sending it and customers checking it, the less likely it will be that your email is read.
You also don’t want to be sending your promotional content at the same time as everyone else, so sending your emails on the weekend might be the best option. Research has shown that many businesses don’t start campaigns on weekends, so you’ll have less competition, and more people are checking their emails on the weekends now than ever before.
For all of the tips-

Jancast #105- Did you get your shot?

In this week’s show we talk about mark Warner’s appearance on Jeff Cross’s “ISSA Show Seminar Sneak Peek” and his seminar on Extreme Cleanliness at the coming ISSA show and what that term means. We go deep into why Bullen and others are now putting in a mandatory vaccination policy. After 2.5 billion vaccinations is it safe? Do you really need any more than all of that news?

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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