SSB 8/22/21: What is thought-leadership marketing?


What is thought-leadership marketing?

Thought leadership is a complex, multifaceted position that requires a precise mix of both relating skills and marketing skills. A thought leader is well versed in expressing ideas and opinions that demonstrate expertise and authority, ultimately positioning himself or herself as a leader in his or her industry. Thought leaders have the ability to influence other people, especially in business, and have immense power in changing a single narrative — because their audience trusts them.

Establishing your organization as an industry thought leader is about building trust, credibility, and authority, boosting the public perception of your brand in a positive way. These days, consumers use digital and social media for a large majority of the purchasing process, so how you position yourself in the digital space remains crucial.

How does this relate to our businesses in the cleaning industry? If you have positioned your company and yourself as the industry expert in all things as it relates to pathogen control (like Bullen has) who do you think your existing and new customers will turn to for advice, training, and supplies?
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Remember last week I said I was going to change the times I send the SSB?
“I tried this tip and will report the stats next week. I usually send the SSB out at 8 AM Sunday morning. Today I decided to try 4 PM”.
The open rate on the SSB went from an average of 23-25 to 15%. That was a good test and obviously, the 8 am time works better.

Jancast #105- Did you get your shot?

In this week’s show we talk about mark Warner’s appearance on Jeff Cross’s “ISSA Show Seminar Sneak Peek” and his seminar on Extreme Cleanliness at the coming ISSA show and what that term means. We go deep into why Bullen and others are now putting in a mandatory vaccination policy. After 2.5 billion vaccinations is it safe? Do you really need any more than all of that news?

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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