SSB 8/29/21: Wisdom from Steve Jobs that still works today


Wisdom from Steve Jobs that still works today

Steve Jobs Summed Up Apple’s Entire Strategy Using Just 6 Bullet Points. Each One Teaches an Amazing Lesson

On October 24, 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs sent a very important email.
It contained the agenda for the company’s upcoming “Top 100” retreat, a top secret and super exclusive offsite management meeting that was reserved for 100 of Apple’s most influential employees.
The agenda, part of an email which was recently published in connection with the ongoing Epic v. Apple lawsuit, is long and detailed, with tons of lessons for business leaders. But it’s the first point on the agenda, entitled “2011 Strategy” and assigned to Jobs himself, that stands out most.

A single agenda topic. Six major bullet points. Just enough words to form a few paragraphs, at most.
Yet, those few words contain a master class in business strategy:
1. Be intentional
2. Identify your strengths
3. Learn from competitors
4. Focus on one big thing
5. Look to the future
Take a page out of Steve Jobs’s playbook and use those five steps to help plan your business strategy.

Jancast #106-  How things change so quickly

This week we talk about where we have been and where things are going now that the vaccine has been FDA approved.

Remember when…

  1. Cleaning was just about appearances
  2. Measurement of cleanliness was left to the eye of the beholder
  3. People didn’t even know that there are many different kinds of disinfectant
  4. People didn’t even know the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting
  5. People didn’t even know what dwell time was
  6. Wide area pressurized spraying was a new and novel idea
  7. Disinfecting once a day was considered “aggressive” task frequency
    And much more-

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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