SSB 9/12/21: Supply Chain Again?


Supply Chain Again?

Are you ready for more supply chain issues?

Here are some of the things to prepare for this fall, leading into winter-

Trucking was having trouble just finding drivers and now with hurricane Ida messing up the south FEMA will be paying a higher than normal rate for drivers to haul critical goods. Those trucks will be taken out of their normal routes. This will affect normal turns of inventory as well as the cost.

Packaging costs for items that have metal, specifically aluminum will be going up. Political unrest in Guinea is impacting mining and refining operations (a large percentage of this important metal comes from Guinea).

Employment is difficult and with many more companies mandating the vaccine the pool becomes even smaller. This will impact production and product availability.

What is a person to do? If you run a business you need to review your critical items to see if you have sufficient reserves. Review your purchasing budgets since everything continues to go up. Stock up now if possible but do not hoard. Things will be available but may take longer to get and cost more.

This week’s Jancast is all about the supply chain, from the flooding in Louisiana, disruption of gasoline production, FEMA paying more for trucking, and container ships stuck off of the port of Long Beach. We also discuss a company that is pushing one year of residual pathogen claims (you would have thought this would have stopped a year ago).

Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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