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Are you all in with Zoom?

Here’s how you can be on your best behavior and impress others during your next video conference.

While some people may still be concentrating on the effectiveness of meeting remotely, prior research shows that video conferencing can boost both productivity and collaboration among teams.

Prepare for your online meeting.
Just as if you were to schedule an in-person meeting, it’s never in good taste to waste an invitee’s time. If you do, this shows that you don’t respect their valuable time. And because it’s not necessary, attendees aren’t going to be engaged with the event.

In short, the first rule of virtual meeting etiquette is to make sure that it’s productive and useful.

Prepare an agenda. Preparation tips for attendees:
Always review the agenda, and any other relevant documents, in advance. It’s the best way to ensure that you’ll be on time and prepared.

Preparation tips for everyone:
Whether you’re organizing the event or attending, the following advice pertains to anyone involved with the virtual shindig:

Make sure the room is brightly lit and looks good.
Use your laptop and not your phone since it’s more steady and keeps you hands-free to take notes. For audio-only meetings, invest in a decent pair of headphones with a built-in mic. Bonus tip: raise your webcam to eye level.
Work from a quiet room that’s free from distractions like pets or family members. Bonus points if this room is carpeted, since that reduces reverberation.
Use a neutral background, like a grey-colored wall. Some tools like Zoom have a virtual background you could use if this isn’t feasible.

Start the call right.
Before jumping into the meat and potatoes of the meeting, spend a couple of minutes having everyone introduce themselves, regardless of whether the participants know each other. It’s a simple way to let attendees know who’s there, as well as what their roles and responsibilities are.

Be respectful.
Give your full attention to the meeting — no multitasking. Now is not the time to clean out your inbox, check your social feeds, or do work. It’s also not the best time to eat, play with your dog or tidy home your workspace. Stay seated and present until the meeting has wrapped-up.

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Covid-19 Update-
In this week’s Covid video update, we cover supply chain issues and where we are with BIB packaging. We discuss Florida, Karens, and Cov-idiots in general. On a serious note, we discuss infection rates, interstate travel, and much more.

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Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

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