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Why America is running out of aluminum cans
A shortage of one of the most mundane items in daily life — the humble aluminum can — means beer fans are likely to find that some of their favorite brews are out of stock right now.
The supply problem is prompting brewers like Molson Coors, (TAP) Brooklyn Brewery and Karl Strauss to cut back on the breadth of brands they sell and exacerbating concerns of out-of-stocks.

One major factor is the coronavirus and changing habits related to it. Beer that would have ended up in kegs at restaurants and bars has shifted, along with other kinds of alcohol, to being sold in retail stores and through online channels and consumed at home — often in cans. The boom in pantry loading in the spring has compounded the problem by throwing brewer supply chains out of whack.

To be sure, not everyone says they’ve been hurt by the shortages in cans. Beer-makers such as D.G. Yuengling & Son, Oskar Blues and Artisanal Brewing Ventures say their supplies have not been interrupted.
Still, ​in a research note released Friday, Evercore analysts warned of potential “rampant and unprecedented” beer out-of-stocks from the nation’s largest suppliers, notably the publicly traded alcohol companies they cover.

What does that have to do with the cleaning industry?
Your customers are coming out of the Covid shutdown and are gonna need all kinds of materials aside from disinfectants. Have you stocked up for consumables like floor cleaner, stripping pads all the stuff that a normal business would need? Now’s the time to make sure you’ve got all those supplies for when everything opens up because they’re going to have to clean when they do that. My Dad used to say the last thing people do before they close is clean and the first thing they do when the business comes back is clean. The final step is to make sure your customer remember you are their supplier for all of the above. Stay tuned for next weeks SSB for more on that.

Covid-19 Update-
In this week’s Covid update we cover some of the FAQ (frequently asked questions) that we get concerning disinfectants and their use. Do I need to rinse after use and should I be worried about entering a room after the use of disinfectants? Indoor Air Quality affected?

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Have a great day and an even better sales week and Stay Safe!

Scott Jarden

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