SSB 5/26/24: Check Out Patho-Facts


Your source for the science behind proper pathogen control.

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During the pandemic, we all learned that we didn’t know proper procedures for maintaining a safe and clean environment. There was a lot of false information, and many people were uneducated in proper procedures. Hopefully most of that is behind us but there still are many myths and also basic things you can do to minimize exposure to dangerous pathogens.

We would suggest you watch two of our recent Jancast videos to get up to speed on what we are talking about. Click here to watch #167 and #168 where we dive deep into science based facts about pathogens with the experts  or scroll to the bottom of the linked page

Jancast # 169 is now up!

In this week’s Jancast episode, Mark and I cover all of the fact-based science we have been discussing with various guests over the past three to four shows.

In each episode, we delve into the latest research, innovative strategies, and practical solutions for tackling pathogens in various environments. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a cleaning industry expert, or simply passionate about public health, Jancast offers valuable insights and expert interviews to keep you informed and ahead of the curve.

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