SSB 6/20/21: Why should you know your product or products?


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Why should you know your product or products?

Customers Don’t Care About Your Product’s Bells and Whistles. Here’s What They Really Want to Hear.

Whether you’re selling a service or a physical item, knowing your product is incredibly important for your business’s success.

For example, David Stern, a sales coach, describes shadowing a salesman on a sales call. When the client’s potential buyer asked if he could provide a specific service, the salesperson said no; in fact, the salesperson didn’t even understand what service the potential buyer was asking about. The potential buyer had to explain it to the salesman.

Why should you know your product?
● Increased confidence. The more you know your product, the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel when pitching it to others.
●Strong communication. Since you know all the benefits of your product or service, you’ll have a much easier time communicating with potential buyers. Knowing your product helps you adapt to the various types of people you might encounter and communicate with them, rather than just talking at them.
● A successful response to objections. If you know your product, you also understand the possible downsides of it. No product or service is meant for everyone — and what potential buyers really want to know from your sales pitch is if the product is right for them and their needs. If you know your product, you’ll foresee what questions and objections they have and know how to work around them.

How to promote your product using your product knowledge
1. Hold demos or discovery calls. Showcase your product knowledge during demos for physical products or discovery calls for services. This is your time to shine and answer all the questions your potential customer might have.
2. Sell the benefits. You might have heard of selling benefits, not features. People only really use about 20 percent of a product’s features. So, if you overload them with information about all of your product’s bells and whistles, it will go in one ear and out the other. What people really want to know is how the product will make their life better.

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Jancast #101

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In this week’s show, we discuss all things Post Covid as businesses start to open up. Should you wear a color armband to indicate you open to a hug, elbow bump, or just stay away from me? Mark Warner talks about the increased requests for Extreme Cleanliness® audits to benchmark current status and future improvements, Do not say “the new normal” but moving towards “normalcy”. All of that plus much more! Click the image below to view Jancast #101.

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