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Richards H. “Dix” Jarden, a self-described salesman with a deep work ethic and a love for the details of things, died February 18, 2017 at The Meadows at Shannondell in Audubon, PA. He was 96. Click here for more info.

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Bullen is known for producing innovative quality products that are safer for you and the environment as well as reducing labor and costs. From the first non-butyl cleaner to the original EPA approved carpet sanitizer to the first floor burnishing gel,  our products have led the industry in new ways to clean.

2017 ISSA show videos are now up. See the products and services that Bullen featured in Las Vegas now that the show is over.

Bullen introduces BFS, Bullen Fulfillment Services Division

The Bullen Companies, Inc. has opened a new Bullen Fulfillment Services Division (BFS).

BFS provides a solution to distributors seeking to sell their products via ecommerce to sites such as Amazon,, Ebay, Etsy, and more. Distributors simply place their order with Bullen, and the BFS fulfills the order direct to the vendor. This enables distributors to sell their products online without having to handle the product packaging and shipping themselves. The BFS also reduces freight costs and other fees associated with servicing ecommerce sites, according to the Bullen Companies.

From dog shampoo to aircraft cleaner, we create thousands of unique products and brands for customers like you.


Bullen has been an industry leader of specialty private brand chemicals for over 40 years. We’ve created seven in-house brands with hundreds of formulas to choose from. All designed to help your company create your own distinctive brand image.

Hundreds of stock products and custom formulations made to your specifications, everything from dog shampoo to aircraft cleaners. Full color photographic style labels, low minimums, marketing and much more to help you create a healthy, clean and safer environment. 


Blend-A-Chem uses high tech volumetric mixing units engineered to deliver ready-to-use cleaning solutions with the turn of a lever.

Powerful industrial grade cleaners formulated with 70% less water, provide maximum cleaning at a fraction of the cost compared to competitive products.

A set of two 5 gallon containers makes 1810 ready-to-use gallons of cleaning solution.

A set of two 15 gallon containers makes 5430 ready-to-use gallons of cleaning solution.


Summer is almost over but it is still time to clean your air conditionerWatch the video on . Click here to learn more about the product, the award winning podcast is coming back in a video format, for now you can listen to show #80 that we recorded last year on the flu and what to do about it in your facility. Click here

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Core Product Focus-
Odor & Pathogen Control

The science of odor control

The science of odor control

Airx was developed with the help of leading universities in the study of how true odor control works. Most products on the market today are simply masking agents that attempt to cover up odors. Airicide®, which is in every product changes the shape of the foul odor molecules so they are no longer perceived as a foul odors. With over 50 individual products, Airx has the most complete line of odor & pathogen control products available today.
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Top Quality, Extensive Technical Assistance, Marketing  & Brand Management

State of the art floorcare products

State of the art floorcare products

Not all compounds are the same

Not all compounds are the same

Automotive Specialties

Automotive Specialties

Bullen is known for our top quality, innovative formula development and short run production. Our technical service is second to none in the industry. Because of our broad product offerings we are knowledgeable in a diverse group of cleaning, odor and pathogen control issues and subjects.

Carpet Care and much more

Carpet Care and much more

Develop your own product!
Have a new product you want to get made? Bullen is known for custom blending and short runs so you can create and sell your custom products with our chemists and marketing department help.
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We have  thousands of formulations in our archives that you can draw upon to solve any cleaning, hygiene or odor control problem.
We make custom liquid products from dog shampoo to aircraft cleaner. Ask us about what you need or want, if we don't make it already we can make a custom product for you or your customer.